A few words from our satisfied clients.

“The guys at Hedges always set our minds at ease when we have a question regarding our health insurance. They know their stuff. They are always patient and gracious with us and help us to understand what is going on. They are willing to make calls for us and they are quick to get back with us if we leave messages. They have helped us through the tangled maze of Covered California plans, and now through our experience with the Medicare world. They are a real blessing!”

- Pamela B.

"Excellent personal customer care service. They go beyond the usual insurance broker to make sure you have the best policies for your family and business. We have been clients for 3 years and Mike and his team has saved us money over the time we have been clients. They contacted us to inform us of a better Medicare supplement policy being offered this year at a lower rate. Always looking out for thier clients.”

- Christine M.

“Very knowledgeable and professional. Not pushy. Straight forward and honest.”

- Rich P.

“Hello Hedges staff,
My Husband tells me are good with Golden State, HE IS THE ONE THAT TALKS WITH DAN, But Thanks for LOOKING OUT FOR ME, Awesome Job Gentlemen!”

- Donna W.

“You guys are great! We thank you for all your help!"

- Ed & Donna F.

“Just want to mention what a great job your staff does. They make dealing health insurance a lot less stressful."

- Ron P.

“We had a great experience with Dan. He was very knowledgeable and did not put any pressure on our decisions. We’re looking forward to dealing with him again."

- Phil M.

“Hi Mike and Ben and Aaron -
You treat us fabulously and professionally .. with great personal attention!
Thank you!!"

- Jodi and Scott

“Thanks Guys,
OK, You fellows have just treated me like Gold!
You've all been great and I have recommended y'all to many .
I will have Aaron look into my prescription plan. "

- Jeff T .

“You have helped us nicely every time! 👍 "

- JD

“ Thanks for your help and support. You made it easy to choose a supplement and RX plan for my husband who was new to Medicare. "

- Jeanette P.

“ Dan and Ben have both helped me in the past year. I appreciate their help. "

- Linda M.

“ Gentlemen,
I LOVE the Blue Shield (FX) you found for me. I would like to discuss new RX plans. Thanks for your help, Ben. "

- Suzanne W.

“ Thank you for the information and I will go over it with Cindy and get back to you. Cindy and I are very pleased with all of our dealings with Hedges and your courtesy and professional help. We also praise and pass on the info to friends and family. "

- Jerry C.

“ Guys,
Thank you so much for always assuring me that you have my best interest at heart. I am so grateful for the “Hedge of protection”, making me feel safe and secure!! You all are the best!!! "

- Mary I.

“ Dear Hedges crew;
Thanks for keeping us updated and on top of things. "

- Jeannie and Greg M.

“ Ben,
Thank you so much. You and your office have been more than helpful. "

- Noel S.

“ Hello Mike et al.
You and your crew have treated us very well. I have referred several peers who were frustrated or confused with Medicare options. I appreciate the opportunity to review my Rx plan for the upcoming year with one of your staff, possibly via phone.
Thank you kindly, "

- Jim S.