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Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Quick life insurance guaranteed regardless of your health.

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What Is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?

As the name implies, Guaranteed Issue or Guaranteed Acceptance life insurance is a policy that provides a cash payout to the beneficiaries of any policyholder. Everyone who applies for Guaranteed Issue life insurance is approved, regardless of age or health condition.

Characteristics of Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance:

  • Requires no medical exam
  • Guarantees payout to policyholder’s beneficiaries
  • Provides accelerated death benefits
  • Has higher premiums than most other types of life insurance
  • Lower return on investment

Is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Right for You?

That depends on several factors. Typically, this type of insurance is issued to people over the age of 60, particularly seniors who have about 10 or fewer years left to live. In many cases, Guaranteed Issue life insurance is a last-resort policy for those who can’t qualify for other types of life insurance due to existing medical problems. The coverage is 100% guaranteed, but this means that the premiums are almost always more expensive than other types of life insurance, and the coverage amounts are relatively low.

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