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Conquer Your Stress 

Life is often stressful. Between work, family, and keeping up with other tasks, life can become overwhelming. Here are some tips on how to conquer your stress!  

Consume a Healthy & Balanced Diet  

Consuming a healthy & balanced diet takes a big role in how you feel. If you consume too much “junk” or overprocessed foods, then you are more likely to feel groggy and not have enough energy to finish your tasks. This could cause you to feel more stressed than usual. Sometimes when we’re stressed, we want to eat comfort foods. This is ok in moderation, but overconsuming comfort food is not good for your overall well-being. Preparing a healthy meal for yourself can also be relaxing! Taking the time and effort to prepare a healthy and delicious meal can make you feel even more satisfied.  

If you’re tired, drinking too much caffeine can also make you stressed. It raises your heart rate and can make you feel more anxious than normal. Drinking too much caffeine can also make it more difficult to sleep at night, and a good night’s rest is an important part of being less stressed!  

If you’re stressed, you may be more likely to turn to alcohol or tobacco to try to reduce stress. However, this can cause more stress to the body and leave you not feeling your best. Consuming too much alcohol on a regular basis can also negatively impact your sleep schedule. Tobacco usage puts more stress on the body and reduces blood flow and breathing abilities. Becoming dependent on alcohol or tobacco can cause even more stress if you can’t get your fix.  

Practice Mindfulness  

Practicing mindfulness can positively impact your overall mental health. Mindfulness is being aware of what you’re doing and how you’re feeling. A good way to practice mindfulness is by keeping a journal where you collect your thoughts. Looking back on what you were doing and how you were feeling at the time is an important step in stress reduction. Knowing what triggers stress can help you figure out how to fix it.  

Take some time out of your day for yourself. This time can be spent journaling, or you can also meditate or do some form of exercise you find relaxing. Even simple movements like taking a walk or doing some yoga can be very relaxing. You can always find guided meditations or yoga videos online to help you.  

Practicing mindfulness also includes self-care. Taking a bath with Epsom salts or doing a face mask may seem trivial, but taking extra care of yourself and treating yourself can brighten your mood. Making sure you take care of yourself can help you to feel less stressed in the long run! 

Having someone to talk to about your stress or other problems can also help significantly reduce stress. It’s not good to bottle up these emotions, so journaling and having someone you can talk to, whether it’s a close friend, family member, or even a therapist, are a huge help.  

Set Realistic Expectations 

Many people are stressed because they simply have too much on their plate. Set realistic expectations for yourself and know that you can’t do everything. Part of relieving stress is accepting what you can’t control. If you know you have particular stressors, like the news or a certain family member, try to avoid them as much as possible! It can be difficult, but limiting the amount of time you find stressful can be a huge help.  

Don’t procrastinate. Even if you don’t want to do something now, it’s best not to put it off. Leaving tasks until the last minute can put unnecessary stress on you that you wouldn’t have to deal with had you not procrastinated. 

Realize that it’s okay to say “no.” Sometimes you just need to put yourself first. Creating boundaries can help reduce the amount of stress. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to please everyone. Accepting this as a part of life can make life less stressful.  

Leading a stressful lifestyle can put a significant amount of stress on the heart and other organs. Make sure you talk to your local insurance agent about your life and health insurance plans to ensure you’re under the most suitable plan for your needs.