3 Reasons Not to Skip Your Annual Doctoral Appointments This Year 

A wellness visit, also known as an annual primary care visit, usually takes around 30 minutes and the cost is often covered through insurance.  These visits are important for everyone to attend because as you age, your wellness can change in an instant. As you age, your risk level rises for illnesses and diseases that begin to take effect in those later years.  

Saving Time and Money 

If you only visit a doctor when you are showing visible symptoms or if you aren’t feeling like yourself, it can end up costing you more in the long run. Did you know that regular primary care is associated with fewer hospitalizations and emergency room visits? When you visit your doctor annually you will slowly be building and establishing a relationship with them, which will make it easier for you to schedule any unexpected appointments at a time that works best for you. A downside to not maintaining your regular annual primary care appointment is that if you do have to visit the emergency room or an urgent care center, treatment might mean longer waiting periods and take more time than necessary out of your day. 

Updating Your Wellness Exam Results 

When you become an older adult, health risk assessments become a forefront of important testing that you need to get taken care of. This kind of testing is crucial to preventing issues that could be a problem as you age and includes questions regarding your health status, injury risks, and behavioral health. Reaching this age means keeping your blood pressure in a healthy range because doing so can prevent serious cardiovascular issues, which include heart disease. Once your primary care doctor has determined that you have high blood pressure, it is possible that you will be prescribed medication in order to help bring it down or you may be referred to see a cardiologist.  

Catching a Disease in the Early Stages 

It isn’t always easy to notice symptoms of a progressive disease, such as cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or heart disease until it has reached one of its final stages. An annual exam can help your doctor identify if there are any progressive diseases that are showing early in your body. Catching diseases and illnesses early is the most effective way to treat them.

In order to help protect yourself in the future, schedule your annual appointment with your local doctor.